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DIY Paper quilling tree using quilling strips and newspaper

Today I would like to share my recent project, Quilling Tree.  It looks so complicated to do but it is so easy and fun to make. So gather up all the required supplies and let’s create..:) To make the trunk and branches of the tree I used newspapers and the flowers are made out of quilling strips.

Here is how the tree looks..

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IMG 4154 300x200 Quilling tree

IMG 4161 e1519229230381 300x278 Quilling tree

Let’s see how I made this craft..

Things I used for making this craft:

  1. News papers
  2. A miniature pot
  3. floral wire and floral tapes(brown and green)
  4. Quilling strips
  5. glue
  6. Popsicle stick

Untitled design 300x169 Quilling tree

Initially to make the trunk and branches of the tree ,take amaller pieces of newspaper and twist them. Then wrap them using brown floral tape using glue as shown below.


IMG 1338 e1519230990836 300x263 Quilling tree

IMG 1340 e1519231024576 300x254 Quilling tree

IMG 1341 e1519231060296 268x300 Quilling tree

IMG 1343 e1519231095739 290x300 Quilling tree

IMG 1347 e1519230884451 236x300 Quilling tree

To make flowers, roll the quilling strips in to tight coils using quilling tool and twist them in to tear drop shape. stick four tear drops together to form a flower. Attach the flower to the floral wire which was wrapped using green floral tape . Repeat this process and make several flowers with various colored quilling strips. And then attach the flowers to the branches of the tree.

IMG 1349 300x225 Quilling tree

IMG 1353 300x225 Quilling tree

IMG 1354 300x225 Quilling tree

IMG 1355 e1519231231877 300x300 Quilling tree

IMG 1357 e1519231307589 300x279 Quilling tree

IMG 1348 300x225 Quilling tree

After sticking all the flowers to the branches , with help of  Popsicle stick , I inserted the tree in to the pot to make it stand perfectly.

IMG 4144 e1519231530368 200x300 Quilling tree  IMG 4153 300x200 Quilling tree

IMG 4155 300x200 Quilling tree


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