Spring blossoms at home

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DIY Spring Blossoms using tissue papers easily at home

We all eagerly anticipate the first signs of spring. What happens when spring starts?.. Plants grow again, Flowers bloom, birds start chirping gleefully in the morning.
The earth looks very beautiful filled with vibrant hues of spring blossoms.

I always love to walk beneath the trees with clusters of blossoms, it gives me the feeling of tranquility.
I wonder “Who made these flowers ? I shall think of God, for he made them” they are so fragile, beautiful and precious.We might think that the world would be a better place if the blossoms were always in bloom. But ” Everything in this world fades” , soon the blossoms starts to fade and die and the spring ends.
I had a thought, what if I have blossoms in my home?  I had been planning a spring tree craft which gives me feel as if i am with real blossoms.
Now I have created the below blossom tree with three different shades of green, blue and yellow..
Coming home gives me solace when I see this tree craft. It’s so pretty and colorful 🙂

pote1 286x300 Spring blossoms at home


This is a simple and easy craft . I have used the tree sticks from my yard and different colors of tissue papers for making blossoms.

Step by step illustration for spring blossom craft:

  1. Collect some dried twigs or branches from your yard.IMG 9653 300x200 Spring blossoms at home
  2. Paint them using brown acrylic and allow them to dry.
  3. In the mean time , grab some tissue papers of your own color choice.Here I have chosen blue, yellow and light green colors. Cut out few flower shapes from the tissue papers, twist them using glue forming blossoms.
  4. Gently adhere the blossoms to the painted twigs.

BeFunky Collage 300x300 Spring blossoms at home            5.Finally arrange the sticks in a vase.


pote2 1 300x300 Spring blossoms at home

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