Quilling three tier flower pot

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DIY Paper Quilled three step miniature flower vase

Yesterday when  I have visited  my friend’s home , I have seen a Three tier flower pot in their garden . The planter brimming with the combination of beautiful pink and purple flowers was very eye-catching and unique. The stacking of pots was drawing everyone’s attention as it is so simple and beautiful. I loved the colour choices of the flowers as they complement each other perfectly.
Well! I was very much impressed with the flower pot .It inspired me to make a craft that looks same as the real one. Unfortunately , I haven’t taken the picture of the pot, yet I decided to do the three tier Quilling pot 🙂
After spending 10 hours finally the quilling three tier flower pot is ready.. 🙂

tier1 293x300 Quilling three tier flower pot

tier3 268x300 Quilling three tier flower pot


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