Lord venkateshwara with quilled flowers

Gallery Quilling

Flower Alankara for Tirumala Lord


Lord Venkateshwara is a form of Mahavishnu,refers to the Supreme lord who destroys sins.He resides at Tirupati, an important holy sanctuary for the worshipers in regard to Lord Vishnu.

He is popularly known to be ‘Alankara Priyudu’ (One who likes to get decorated) and so the temple is always famous for its floral decoration.
One of my friends has gifted me a gold plated idol of Lord Venkateshwara which looks so elegant and regal. Decorating Lord Balaji is quite challenging as whatever we decorate it looks invisible in front of the legend’s elegance 🙂

For the floral decoration , I have chosen multi color 5mm quilling strips.%name Lord venkateshwara with quilled flowers
Finally, the fully decorated idol of the supreme is here… 🙂

god2 300x293 Lord venkateshwara with quilled flowers

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